Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Start of Something Good...Hopefully

 I guess I'll start with a little about who I am. I'm a 31 one year old mother to one adorable, yet feisty, little girl. When I was pregnant I worked in the medical field as a surgical assistant primarily in a cosmetic surgery practice. All that came to a end when I went into preterm labor at 32 weeks. That really forced my husband and I to make the choice of who was going to leave their job to take care of our daughter. So I decided to take a back seat to the career. With the way things are now being so expensive here in California, I still needed to bring home income to help out financially so I went back to my roots and began waitressing. It wasn't the most glamorous job but, hey I worked three nights a week, 4 hours at a time and made enough money to pay a good portion of the bills. It gave me the flexibility of taking care of my daughter during the day, yet still earn money. It worked out well! Of course it made me miss my career in the medical  field, and I felt as if I had taken three steps backward, but caring for my daughter took priority over all of that. During the first few months home with my daughter I found out that my sister was expecting her first child. I wanted to make her something, a knitted blanket. I went to my local craft store and was on a mission to learn to knit. I found several books, one of which was the Knitting and Crocheting book for dummies. It came with everything I needed to learn to knit. After several days and much frustration I decided maybe knitting wasn't my thing and I should try my hand at crochet. To my surprise it was so easy to understand and easy to do for me.  I really pushed myself to get everything perfect as I wanted to really wow my sister at her bay shower. The finished product was a white baby blanket, with a hot pink ruffled trim and six flower appliques. I was so proud that I  had accomplished what I had set out to do in the first place. I've never really stopped crocheting. I've managed to keep evolving and pushing myself to bigger and better projects. I have heard over the past few years from numerous people that I should consider selling some of the things that I make. I never took it seriously until I recently found myself back in a part time medical job and dreading every minute that I am there. I decided to move forward and pursue setting up shop on Etsy to share my crochet with the rest of the world. Part of me is scared of the unknown, but I am equally excited. I hope that this takes me to new heights and allows me to have the freedom to work from home and be there for my family at the same time. I'm beginning this blog as a way to share a little about myself, my crochet crafts, and to showcase other fellow Etsy artisans.