Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

No one told me that the day I became a mother that my world was going to turn upside down. The sleepiness nights, endless doctor visits, tantrums, and putting my career on the back burner are things no one can quite prepare you for. Although I accept it graciously and take everything that comes my way. There are days that are the farthest from fun, but I somehow manage to get through it. I know that this period in time will pass far sooner than I can ever want it to or imagine. I find myself never wanting to let it go... the nurturing, special bedtime routines, silly games we play are memories that I will hold dear and cherish when I am old. I see now just how much love and sacrifice my own mother and father gave to give my sister and I the best upbringing they could. So today I celebrate my own mother and all the love she gave to me! Happy Mother's Day Mom! With Love From Your Little Girl!