Friday, January 20, 2012

Benefit For Baby Jillian

Any woman who has ever been blessed with the ability to give birth to a child knows just how many emotions come into play being a parent. Knowing that the little person in your arms is so fragile and precious and is completely dependant upon you. As a mother you want to protect them, keep them safe, and love them with your entire being. Nothing is more special than knowing you brought a new life into this world.

I would like to share with you a story of a family and a little angel named Jillian. Brandy and Stephen were thrilled to have given birth to a brand new baby girl August 24, 2011. At a doctor's appointment, Jillian was diagnosed with Down Syndrome and a hole in her heart was discovered during an ultrasound. On November 29, 2011 she went into children’s hospital for open heart surgery to repair the hole. After the seven hour long surgery, Brandy, Stephen, and their families were relieved to hear their baby girl made it out okay. While in the CICU Jillian had more obstacles thrown her way, which her parents stood by her side every minute. On December 28,2011 Jillian left this world and became one of God's angels.

Rikki Knight Photography reached out to me regarding a charity benefit on behalf of Jillian and her parents to help raise money to help cover funeral expenses and medical bills. There are so many wonderful vendors that have donated items to be auctioned off, and I am so proud to amongst them. The auction will take place on Facebook starting this evening and running through Monday January 23,2012. Please copy and paste link to get all the details and participate.

I can only imagine what Brandy and Stephen must be going through. I hope that they take comfort in knowing that although Jillan left them them far too soon, god had a much bigger plan for her. She will be an angel to all of us and may she soar with the angels above.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Precious Beginnings Newborn Workshop

Ever see a picture and think to yourself in awe just how they captured a particular shot? Well it's no surprise that newborn photography has taken on a whole new meaning. Just seeing some of the images from so many talented newborn photographers leave me speachless at times. Seeing those sweet little bodies scultped into the most adorable little poses is honestly the custest thing ever.

Cherise Kiel, a photographer specializing in newborn photography, is now offering workshops all about tips and techniques on how to get those perfect jaw dropping images. Although she is based out of Arizona she travels around for her workshops. I was honored when she contacted me to see if I'd sponser her workshop by donating items into her swag bags for all in attendance. She is currently working on her 2012 workshop dates with the next one being hosted in Dallas. If you are looking to learn the art of newborn photography or just wanting to brush up on your current skills then this is the workshop for you. What are you waiting for head on over to her FB page and see for your self!