Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Proud Sponser of the Rachel Procell Photography Workshop

Are you new to the photography industry? Maybe you've been a photographer for years and are wondering with all your talent and knowledge why others are growing and establishing their presence. Well Rachel Procell Photography has just the workshop for you.

Rachel has designed and online workshop running fron May 7th thru June 30. Some of the features of her 2012 Photography Marketing Workshop are:

•12 hours of step-by-step, expert instruction
•8 hours of small group Q&A sessions
•8 weeks of one-on-one, personal coaching
•8 additional weeks of follow-up email support
•A personalized marketing action plan
•Dozens of checklists, templates, and videos
•Unlimited access to all recordings and resources
•THOUSANDS of dollars of free giveaways from our sponsors
Some of the valuable content we’ll teach during our 2012 Photography Marketing Workshop:

•How to choose a specialty
•How to develop marketing personas
•How to research your competition
•How to differentiate yourself from competition
•How to package your services
•How to set your prices to sell better
•How to get more clients by RAISING your prices
•Where to look for the ‘right’ customers
•How to advertise with free exhibits
•How to make a Google-friendly photo blog
•How to get more website traffic
•How to convert web traffic into leads
•How to convert leads into customers
•How to keep customers longer
•How to use social media the right way
•How to track your success and improve over time
•How to sell your services more often
•How to diversify your income
•And much, much more…

Such a wonderful thing she is offering to photographers of all levels! The best thing is you can do it from the comfort of your own home, but most importanly she guarantee's that if the techniques she teaches doesn't work for you to increase your revenue and client base, she’ll give you 100% of your money back! Pretty good thing if you ask me with nothing to lose. Check out this link for more information and registration, and don't forget to let her know that Petunia and Ivy sent you.

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